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As a leading provider of ant pest control in Melbourne, you can rely on Bye Bye Pests to provide professional ant control and removal services to control their numbers. Ants, being the social pests that they are, live in colonies. They frequently enter the house in search of food or shelter. We know how they act, and as such we know the best methods for ant removal in Melbourne.

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Finding ant control services near you is easy with Bye Bye Pests. We offer fast and effective solutions to get rid of ants for good. Whether you’re dealing with a small infestation or a larger problem, a professional ant control service can help you regain control of your home and enjoy a pest-free environment.

Ant pest control, exterminators, control services, and inspection are all important parts of dealing with ant infestations. Professional help can make all the difference in getting rid of ants and preventing them from returning.

Ant Pest Control & Ant Removal in Melbourne

Ants are known to sneak into homes and businesses through small cracks and crevices. Once inside, they are attracted to sugary or protein-based foods and can quickly establish a trail for others to follow. If left unaddressed, ant infestations can grow rapidly and even pose a threat to electronics. Luckily, Bye Bye Pests provides effective ant pest control in Melbourne. Our experts can identify the type of ant and develop a customized plan to eliminate the infestation, ensuring your property stays ant-free. Contact us today for reliable ant removal near you.

Diseases Transmitted to Humans

Ants can carry and transmit bacterial and fungal diseases. The Pharaoh ant is a dangerous type of ant that is present in Australia and is known to transmit Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Clostridium and Streptococcus. Ants and stings can also cause severe symptoms and illnesses associated with allergies and severe allergies.


A well-known reaction is seen when fire ants bite, especially in children, who are more sensitive. Such events can lead to very bad situations, perhaps even life-threatening ones. The bites of these insects often form ulcers and may include severe pain, inflammation, itching and anaphylaxis – a life-threatening reaction that causes shock. Ants are also able to transmit disease-carrying organisms and food-borne diseases such as E.coli, Shigella and Salmonella.

Ants Control & Prevention Tips

There are certain ways to make your home less susceptible to ants, including:

  • If you find any cracks in your home, seal them as soon as possible to block off entry.
  • Clear any food and liquid spills immediately. Do not waituntil it is too late; make sure all crumbs or drops of any liquid are cleaned.
  • Keep pet food in an airtight container and make sure no pet food is dropped on the floor or kept in a food bowl for long stretches of time.
  • Store all your food in airtight containers to prevent access to food sources. Additionally, be sure to put containers in the refrigerator or cupboards and never leave food uncovered.
  • Fill any holes around the windows or doors.
  • Do not keep dirty dishes out Try to clean any food spills and dirty dishes immediately.
  • Sweet food is a major ant attraction, so make sure any sort of sweet food is kept in containers.
  • Use detergent to sterilise all possible entry routes. You can use insecticide sprays that are non-repellent to block any potential entry points.

Why You Need a Professional Pest Control Service

With extensive knowledge of pests and years of experience in providing services to assist with diverse ant species, Bye Bye Pests can eliminate these harmful and infuriating pests from your home or business with our ant exterminator in Melbourne. Our combined knowledge gives us access to the latest ant control techniques. Our pest exterminators work hard day and night to come up with smart pest control solutions according to your needs. If you’re unable to control ants using DIY solutions, you can consult with us to get things completely under control with the help of our professional pest control service. Our ant exterminator Melbourne can help you control ants with a solution that’s precisely targeted to certain species. We also pride ourselves on providing services that are completely safe for your family and pets.


Ant Control Treatment Protecting Your Home and Business

Protecting your loved ones is one of the most important things in life. A pest infestation is annoying for all homeowners; after all, these pests can ruin your food, your home, and your peace of mind. Ants can also bite different parts of the body and destroy the peace of your home.

A professional ant exterminator can solve this problem for you. Bye Bye Pests has experts who can properly identify the presence of ants. Our specialists will propose a customised treatment plan that leads to effective ant control services and ant removal in melbourne.

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Ant Inspection in Melbourne

Ant species are diverse, although most of them prefer moist areas to hide their eggs or create nests. Most kitchens and bathrooms are infested by ants. Some other common locations are under stoves, sinks and dishwashers. They can even be found around small cracks or floor drains. Our workers carry out a thorough inspection of your property and report their findings immediately.


One an ant inspection in Melbourne is completed, it becomes easier for a pest exterminator to completely eliminate the identified pest. Our professional ant exterminator makes use of different techniques to rid your property of ants, some of which are detailed below.


Dust & Surface Spray

Dust exterminator can be applied to the wall cavities, roof holes and subfloors. Dust treatment gives the most effective results when applied to the entrance of an ant nest, as it exterminates all ants inside the nest. An ant-killing surface spray can also be used around the infested area.



We can use another technique for ants known as bait. This method is especially safe for family and pets. We commonly use different types of baits, including gels, granules and stations. These are secured with sugar-based foods to attract ants by targeting their dietary needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This ultimately depends on what species of ant is present, the size of your property, how accessible the colonies are, and what extermination methods are used. At Bye Bye Pests, we offer highly affordable ant control in Melbourne for both homes and businesses.

After carrying out an inspection of the property, Bye Bye Pests’ experts will either place bait traps or use dust or surface spray around the entrance of the nest, providing effective ant removal in Melbourne.

Both spraying pesticides and baits are highly recommended methods. The best treatment for your situation will depend on what species of ants is infesting your property, what kinds of food they eat, and where their colony is located.

This will depend on your circumstances, but it can be easily determined by getting a pest control specialist to inspect your property. Book an appointment with Bye Bye Pests’ ant inspection Melbourne specialist who can help you get rid of the ants inside your house.

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The entire ant control treatment takes up to 2 hours to complete.

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Bye Bye Pests is a top-rated pest control provider that offers affordable same day services in Melbourne. We specialize in providing complete pest removal solutions to homeowners and businesses in Western Suburbs. Leveraging our vast knowledge and expertise in the field, we strive to deliver unparalleled pest control services to ensure that your property remains safe and free from pests at all times.

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