Cockroach Control Services In Melbourne

What is cockroach control?
Cockroach control services in Melbourne are provided by professional pest control companies to eradicate cockroach infestations in both commercial and residential sectors. This service is especially vital for food handling businesses.Cockroaches are amongst some of the vilest creatures on the earth.

Roaches are often major trouble as they cause infestations in homes and businesses. They are harmful to our health and should be dealt with as soon as possible. But getting rid of cockroach infestations is not easy as they are quite resilient.

The most effective method to get rid of cockroaches is to avail the services of a professional pest extermination company as they are experienced at the job and can efficiently remove any pest infestation.Contact Us:0411 843 871

Common Cockroaches In Australia:

Dangerous animals aren’t the only ones with extreme population levels in Australia. Insects have their fair share of numbers.

Cockroaches have more than 3500 species worldwide and a lot of them are also present in Australia although only a few species are considered pests.

Common infesting roaches include:

  • German cockroach:

The German cockroach is a troubling pest all over the world.

Two black stripes run down their thorax.

( neck region ) and have an ovoid shape.

German roaches are a major threat to both homes and businesses as they can spread like wildfire as they have one of the fastest breeding rates amongst the cockroaches.

The roaches are not limited to a few sources of food. They can devour all kinds of packed, processed, raw and even stored food supplies.

German cockroaches can hitch rides on sacks and shopping bags. It might even reach your homes by deliveries of a various assortment of products like furniture and electronics.

Cockroaches can easily survive inside packages without food and water.

Moisture and heat attract the German cockroaches. They infest the kitchen, galley bathrooms and laundry.

The heat from machines and stoves is a promoting factor for their infestation.

Aside from contaminating food, they can also cause diseases.

  • Oriental cockroach:

Oriental cockroaches are everywhere in Australia. These are black and brown and are larger than most cockroaches reaching nearly 25mm in length.

Female oriental cockroaches are wingless and can lay many eggs in a short period.

Male oriental cockroaches have wings but they prefer to crawl rather than fly.

Oriental cockroaches are highly adaptive species and prefer damp and cold environments. They receive optimum conditions in drains and basements.

  • American cockroach:

American cockroaches strike fear due to their sheer massive size. They can be up to 40mm long.

Red complexion also adds to their intimidation factor.

Males have wings longer than their bodies while females are a bit smaller and have relatively short wingspan.

Usually, American roaches crawl run but if they feel threatened or in warm temperatures they can fly as well. This makes it difficult to get rid of American cockroaches without professional help.

American roaches prefer dark and humid areas where they are left alone and have room to move about. Commonly they can be found infesting floorings, roofs, and bathroom drains.

Roach exterminators are necessary to have oriental cockroaches removed from the premises as they can be hard to get rid of.

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Cockroach Control & Removal For Commercial Kitchens

Cockroach control for commercial kitchens is a very issue.

It’s a matter of public health and carries utmost importance.

Cockroaches are the stereotypes of disease-causing organisms and for good reason. They can cause multiple diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and abdominal problems et cetera. Apart from this, they can carry many diseases causing organisms such as bacteria like E.coli and salmonella.

The heat from commercial kitchens attracts roaches. Cockroaches can infest the food supplies, pantry, utensils and workstations.

It is vital for the health of your customers and your employees that you contact a professional pear control company for eco-friendly pest solutions to make sure that no damage can be caused to them.

Bye-bye pests is an experienced company that deals in all kinds of commercial pests and provides complete pest control services. Contact us to avail of cockroach control services in Melbourne and the suburbs.

Who to call for cockroach removal?

A lot of times people are concerned regarding the efficiency of cockroach treatment programs.

The questions asked by the majority of the public regarding cockroach exterminations are:

  • Can pest control get rid of cockroaches? 


  • How much does cockroach control cost?

The answers to both these questions are not definite.

While it is true that pest control services are highly effective against cockroaches, it does not mean that they will provide a permanent solution.

Roaches like other insects will show up every new season. They may be from within your homes or they might be a new foreign infestation.

The important thing is to be vigilant and has regular pest inspections by a reputed pest control company to reduce the chances of serious roach infestations and diverting any potential harms posed to your home and family.

Byebyepests Melbourne offers you quality exterminations services for reasonable prices. The costs of pest exterminations depend on various factors. They are the type of pests, multiple infestations, the area covered in assessment and the type of treatment used.

Rest assured that our prices will be very competitive and there will be no compromise on the quality of service.

Get in touch with us to keep the roaches out of your property.

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