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Commercial kitchens pest control services in Melbourne, Australia

What is Commercial kitchens pest control?

Commercial kitchen pest control is a service offered by professional pest exterminators to remove any pests infesting your commercial kitchens, hindering your operations, and damaging your integrity and workplace hygiene.

Pests are considered as some of the most unhygienic beings ever. In residences and workplaces, you can afford to ignore them for a very little while but if ever an infestation warranted immediate and drastic control measures, then it’s for commercial kitchens.

Commercial kitchens include restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, dine-ins,  fast-food chains, bars, cafeterias, and other food related ventures.

Do you have a pest infestation running rampant in your kitchen or have termites in kitchen cabinets?

Or do you suspect that you could have a pest infestation and are concerned about the health of your customers?

Then you need to contact a professional pest control service for Commercial kitchens pest control to deal with your pest problems and to increase the hygienic standards of your kitchens.

At Bye Bye pests Melbourne, we offer pest control services for commercial kitchens to maintain high standards of sanitation and hygiene so that you and your customers can enjoy the meal in a clean & clear atmosphere with peace of mind.

Losses and problems caused by pest infestations in commercial kitchens are:

Unchecked pest infestations can have some really nasty and undesirable consequences, the foremost of which is an imminent danger to human health.

Pests can carry around many diseases and can transmit them with staggering efficiency. The contaminated food could be bitten or chewed upon by pests and may contain urine, feces, and saliva.

Pests often don’t limit themselves merely to food sources. Some of them, like rodents, can infest walls, ceilings and even cars. Pests have a tendency to chew through wires which results in malfunctioning of equipment and circuitry and could ultimately lead to a fire.

Even fixtures and ornaments are at the risk of being gnawed upon by rodents.

Why are pest control services necessary for commercial kitchens ?

Commercial kitchens are mandated by law to uphold professional hygienic standards to promote public health.

Having a pest infestation in your culinary area can not only damage your name and reputation but can also be devastating for the well being of people trusting you with food.

Moreover, having pest infestations in close vicinity to commercial kitchens, food stocks and even around workstations is a direct violation of law and can incur heavy, crippling fines of up to a hundred thousand dollars. The government has full authority to close your business, shut down branch operations and may even cancel your license and registrations.

The customers affected by your bad sanitation standards can sue you by filing lawsuits and lodging complaints with the authorities. In that case there will be more than one government institution breathing down your neck.

Bad publicity due to pests infestations won’t only cost you your business but it will also throw a blanket of distrust over all other commercial premises that deal in food and edible items.

What are common pests in commercial kitchens?

Pests are generally taken as a minor nuisance in households and sometimes even in offices. We often let them slide by if they don’t directly interfere in our daily tasks and aren’t posing a serious health risk.

However, commercial kitchens pests signal a disastrous infestation and render the site of infestation contaminated and unusable.

These are the most common pests infecting commercial kitchens.

  • Rodents:

Being amongst some of the most notorious pests, rodents like rats and mice are often a major problem for commercial food services like restaurants and cafes. There is not so much that your cleaning and janitorial staff can do. One slight slip and a rodent manifest themselves inside the kitchen or storeroom. This is especially true for winters when rodents turn their attention towards warmer areas and get attracted to heat sources like ovens and stoves or anywhere inside homes.

Rodents are quick to adapt and often nest in sight of their food which means they could be living among the counters, cabinets, or storage areas.

Rodents can damage packaging and containers resulting in spillages and food losses.

Also, with access to a vast food supply, pests like rodents can multiply very quickly.

Rats and mice are associated with a number of diseases and are known to spread nearly 35 diseases. Additionally they can carry parasites like ticks and fleas making them even more hazardous.

These diseases can spread with rodent feces, saliva and blood.

Using rodenticides for self treatment can result in a pile of dead bodies which then leads to decay and attracts even more organisms.

When it comes to pest control, Bye Bye pests, a professional rodent removal company provides restaurants with vigilant monitoring and control to prevent mice and rat infestations from progressing into a dangerous state.

  • Cockroaches:

Kitchens are one of the most favorite places of cockroaches. It’s a perfect place for them to nourish as the environment is perfect. There’s food, moisture, shelter and heat. All of these contribute to the metaphorical mansion of cockroaches.

Cockroaches are the most common insects infesting food handling businesses. They can be particularly evasive due to their size and can get into places where we don’t encounter them. Since they are nocturnal, it’s rare for us to encounter one in broad daylight.

Roaches reside in narrow places like cracks and crevices in sheltered areas like under sinks, behind refrigerators and ovens, in drawers and cabinets and especially around drains.

Cockroaches can survive on a variety of food and synthetic items like magazines, newspapers and cardboard boxes which is a testament to their adaptability. Due to this reason, they can survive even in the most pristine environments.

Even if we are aware of a cockroach infestation, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them entirely as the entries to their homes aren’t accessible by us.

Moreover, excessive use of insecticides in an attempt to get rid of cockroaches can cause food poisoning.

Once inside the kitchens, cockroaches can multiply rapidly and make multiple colonies.

Roaches can be a carrier of a number of diseases and disease causing organisms like Salmonella and E.coli and can contaminate food items, utensils and machinery with relative ease.

They might even trigger Asthma attacks in the staff and customers.

Generally, roaches can be prevented by maintaining high standards of hygiene and periodic inspections by a pest control service.

At Bye Bye pests we offer professional pest exterminator services to deal with your cockroach problems. Our expert staff carefully maneuvers around hidden colonies and methodically removes the roaches and sanitizes the area. Our eco-friendly chemicals are perfect for sensitive environments like commercial kitchens.

  • Flies:

A fervent buzz about a business is a good fortune but if that buzz emanates from a fly infestation, then you can generally expect your profits to shrivel up and dry within weeks.

A mere presence of flies can tarnish your reputation and damage your sales.

Multiple species of flies can be attracted to a multitude of sources in your kitchens. Some flies are attracted to sugars and fats while others take a fancy to decaying proteinaceous and vegetable matter.

Leftover liquids in garbage bags, discarded bottles and clogged drains can be perfect breeding grounds for flies.

In warm environments, which are intrinsic to commercial kitchens, flies grow rapidly. They feed on both the refuse and finished products present throughout a commercial kitchen.

Their tendency to traverse quickly between clean and contaminated areas presents a high danger of diseases.

Aside from physically touching the filth, flies carry disease causing organisms like parasites, fungi and bacteria which can cause dysentery, diarrhea, cholera and typhoid.

Some flies are immune to traditional pest control processes and require expert insight to properly identify the type of fly infesting your kitchen. The identification is a crucial step in the fly control process as it dictates the appropriate treatment and pesticide usage.

If you feel overwhelmed by flies, see no possible end to this infestation and are afraid for your brand reputation and integrity then contact Bye Bye pests for long term pest management assistance.

  • Ants :

Being social organisms ants are found in the form of full fledged colonies ranging up to millions.

These ardent species can climb their way up to any surface and can easily pass underneath door frames and through cracks. This means that all your food stocks and supplies are within easy reach to these pests.

Ants can be a serious hazard to human health as they carry many disease causing organisms including bacteria like E.coli.

They contaminate food and water resources by physically rummaging through them and also leave a chemical route for other ants to follow.

Impromptu pest control treatments like self application of insecticides can cause the ants to split in colonies and worsens the infestation.

For effective pest management services contact Bye Bye pests so that your kitchen can be properly sanitized and cleaned.

Our employed professionals will sweep through the whole premises and find potential sites of entry, locate colonies and exterminate them.

  • Beetles and weevils:

A vast assortment of different species of beetles and weevils are a major pest concern for stored products.

There are multiple species that could be affecting your stored stocks and pantry but collectively they are just referred to as beetles and weevils.

Generally these pests are revealed when you are rifling through items or sifting through ingredients like flour and grains.

In an unlimited food supply, beetles and weevils can multiply rapidly becoming widespread and uncontainable.

Different species of beetles and weevils have different diets and can take abode in a vast number of food items like cereal products, batters, soups, condiments, sweets, dried food, nuts proteins, milk and flavorings et cetera.

As if this wasn’t enough, these pests can also gain entry to products that are stored in cardboard, foils and plastics.

They penetrate the packaging and then start eating and growing inside the food source.

Beetles and weevils contaminate food sources by excreting in them, laying eggs and then dying in them thus rendering food unsuitable for human consumption.

To tackle beetles and weevils, contact a pest control service.

Professional pest extermination services like Bye Bye pests provides you with a complete range of solutions to deal with common pests affecting restaurants and the food service industry.

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