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Fleas are common pests in Australia; that’s why flea control in Melbourne is so important, especially when you or a neighbouring building has pets that can be affected by fleas. Flea bites for some people and pets can be annoying, but for others, they can cause extreme reactions and rashes on the skin.

Have you noticed that your pet is scratching their skin? Your pet could be suffering from a flea infestation. Fleas feed on the blood of the host body of your cat or dog, which can cause weakness and red rashes on the body. People can also experience itching and bite marks. Fortunately, the experts at Bye Bye Pests can provide the assistance you need with flea removal in Melbourne.

Flea Control & Flea Removal in Melbourne

Arranging flea control and flea removal in Melbourne is vital if you’ve noticed signs of fleas in your home. The flea is often associated with pets, as they’re the primary carriers. They feed on the blood of dogs or cats and lay eggs in their warm fur. Fleas can be quickly passed from the pet to you. In some cases, there’s a likelihood of flea infestation even if you’re not a pet owner. If you own any pets, it can be quite upsetting to see them irritated. Pets with a flea infestation frequently scratch themselves more than usual. The allergic reaction as a result of constant scratching can be serious, so making them flea-free as soon as possible should be your priority.

The Harm Flea Bites Can Do

Fleas are usually not harmful to humans, but unfortunately, in some cases they can cause a serious reaction that necessitates medical treatment. Reactions can include swelling or trouble breathing. Likewise, pets can get seriously infected due to flea bites, and they can even get tapeworms. Pets can also respond to flea bites and often develop allergies. As a result, the animals may develop ulcers and frequent itching of the skin, often leading to loss of fur.

Another common condition is Flea Allergic Dermatitis, resulting in major discomfort and itching. Anaemia an also be experienced in cats. If not treated fast enough, this can be life-threatening. The saliva of a flea can also cause skin dermatitis in humans, which often appears on the skin as itchy bumps or rashes. Some people may additionally have an asthmatic reaction when they inhale the faeces of fleas.

Flea Control & Prevention Tips

It’s always a great idea to take precautionary measures even if you’re not suffering from a flea infestation. To keep fleas away, you should carefully check the fur of your pet regularly. Here are a few other tips for flea control and prevention:

  • Vacuum and clean your house and rooms, carpets and furniture as soon as you notice any fleas
  • Flea and bugs are typically killed at an approximate temperature of 50-degree centigrade or above
  • Carefully clean your pet’s fur using a comb. You may want to get help from a veterinary for this
  • Keep your pet’s fur clean, trimmed and groomed
  • While disposing of vacuum waste, make sure to do it far away from your house
  • You may want to use natural remedies. For instance, you can try blending apple cider vinegar with water. Spray the solution on the flea-infested fur for flea control and extermination
  • Another commonly used non-chemical solution is Diatomaceous Earth. This eliminates fleas by dehydrating their bodies

Why You Need Professional Pest Control Service

Pets are a part of the family; it’s our responsibility to take good care of them. A professional pest exterminator has the knowledge and experience to examine your home and your pet and provide you with an appropriate pest control treatment. Bye Bye Pests has experienced pest control technicians who work efficiently. Our specialist flea exterminators are trained how to examine pets and notice the signs of fleas.

Our flea control in Melbourne uses techniques and chemicals that are pet-friendly. Children often play and hug pets or even carry them in their arms, which is why we also use child-friendly chemicals. Our pest control experts provide long-lasting results that work fast to get rid of fleas.

Flea Control Treatment to Protect Your Home or Business

Bye Bye Pests provides the very best flea control and flea removal Melbourne wide. We have licensed and experienced pest exterminators who can eliminate unwanted pests using the latest techniques. We have many years of expertise in providing the most effective flea control in Melbourne.

We strive to make a difference with our commitment to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for Melbourne homeowners and businesses. Bye Bye Pests’ team of flea exterminators and flea control experts can eradicate these harmful blood-sucking pests to make your home or business a safer and more comfortable space.

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Flea Inspection Service in Melbourne

Once you know the full extent of an infestation, it becomes easier to provide a solution. A pest inspection is the most important step for getting rid of any pest. It might be possible that your pet has springtails or flea beetles, as they look almost the same except for a minor difference. Without a pest inspection, you could use the wrong pest control treatment for your pet, which means they continue suffering. That’s why it’s vital to arrange a pest inspection before using a pest control treatment.

Our flea inspection service in Melbourne is conducted by workers who are experienced in flea extermination and have a great sense of identification of pests. Our professional flea exterminator will then use different techniques to get rid of them. Some of our extermination methods include:

Habitat Modification treatment: A flea infestation can be controlled and removed by eliminating the places available for them to live. Treat your pets to a vet-approved treatment and wash all your floors, carpets, cupboards, rugs and furniture that have come in contact with your pet. This will leave the fleas with nowhere to hide.

Chemical Treatments: Our specialists can provide a pest control and removal treatment that includes pyrethroid-like drugs such as permethrin, deltamethrin or tetramethrin, as well as an insect repellent controller, to prevent egg maturation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of using our professional flea removal Melbourne service will depend on multiple factors, including the size of your property, the severity of the infestation, how easy it is to access the sub-floor areas, and what type of insecticide is required. Bye Bye Bests make a point of offering the most affordable service on the market, meaning you can get rid of fleas without breaking your budget.

Our certified flea control specialists will use pyrethroid-like substances including permethrin, deltamethrin and tetramethrin to stop flea eggs from maturing. It is also recommended that you wash your carpets, rugs, floors, cupboards, furniture and other items that have come in contact with fleas.

Yes, fleas are very common in Melbourne due to the rising number of household pets that people own, especially where dogs and cats are concerned. Call Bye Bye Pests today for affordable flea removal in Melbourne.

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