The Time You Must Hire Flea Exterminator in Melbourne

5 Signs Homeowners Need to Call Flea Exterminator in Melbourne

Dealing with fleas can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience for homeowners in Melbourne. Since fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds, they can quickly infest your home and affect the health and well-being of your family and pets. Here are five signs that you need to call a flea exterminator in Melbourne:

1. Are You and Your Pets are Experiencing Itchy, Red Bites?

If you, your kids, or your pets are constantly scratching and experiencing itchy, red bites, it’s a sign that fleas may have taken up space in your residence. Flea bites are typically small, raised, and extremely irritating.

2. Have You Spotted Fleas or Flea Dirt in Your Home?

Flea dirt is the faeces of adult fleas and looks like small, black specks on your pet’s fur or bedding. If you’ve spotted fleas or flea dirt in your home, it’s a clear sign that you have a flea infestation and need to call Bye Bye Pests for regular termite inspections.

3. Are Your Pets Constantly Grooming and Scratching?

If you’ve noticed your pets constantly grooming and scratching themselves, it’s likely that they have fleas. Fleas can be incredibly uncomfortable for pets, causing them to scratch, bite, and lick themselves excessively.

4. Have You Tried DIY Methods?

There are many DIY flea treatments available, from flea collars to home remedies like vinegar and baking soda. However, if you’ve tried these methods without success, it’s time to call professionals from Bye Bye Pests. Our professional flea exterminator in Melbourne has the expertise and equipment needed to effectively eliminate fleas from your home.

5. Have You Seen Flea Larvae or Eggs in Your Home?

Flea larvae and eggs are often found in carpets, bedding, and other areas where pets spend time. If you’ve spotted flea larvae or eggs in your home, it’s a sign that fleas are breeding and multiplying. Our professional flea exterminators can identify the source of the infestation and eliminate fleas at every stage of their life cycle.

Expected Cost of Building Inspection Truganina Including Flea Extermination

When it comes to hiring pest experts and professional flea exterminators, we’re dedicated to providing effective and satisfactory services. The cost of our services of building inspection in Truganina, including flea extermination, depends on various factors such as the size of the property, the severity of the problem, the time and manpower needed to control the situation, the number of pieces of equipment, the quantity of chemicals, labour, and more. Treatment at commercial properties may be more expensive than treatment at residential properties due to Australian regulations.

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If you’re experiencing signs of the presence of fleas in your property, it’s important to call our building and pest inspection experts as soon as possible. Fleas can quickly become a major problem if left untreated. We can provide the comprehensive, long-term solution you need to eliminate fleas in cities such including AintreeAltona, Altona North, Bacchus Marsh, Hoppers CrossingLavertonMelton, Point CookRockbankSunshine, and Tarneit. Contact our experts today!

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