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What is ant control?

Ant control services are provided by professional pest control companies and ant exterminators to eradicate ant problems in both commercial and residential sectors.Ants are among some of the most famous social organisms in the animal kingdom and naturally, it pertains that these social insects live in colonies. A single ant colony can range from a few dozen to millions of individuals. At Bye Bye Pests we provide efficient pest control services and complete ant control treatments and solutions.Bye Bye Pests offer you professional and thorough pest control solutions to all kinds of pests problems in residential and commercial areas.Our services are available to you anywhere in Melbourne, Melton and in the surrounding suburbs.

Is it really necessary to get ant removal services in Australia?

Are ants a serious issue in Australia?

Yes, an ants infestation may cause serious damage to your property, your family or your pets.

Some of the most common ant species in Australia are :

  • Pharaoh’s Ants
  • Singapore Ants
  • White-footed house Ants
  • Argentine Ants
  • Blackhouse Ants
  • Sugar Ants
  • Coastal Ants
  • Fire Ants
  • Garden Ants
  • Odorous House Ants
  • Ghost Ants
  • Carpenter Ants

Having some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the whole world, it comes as no surprise that Australia is home to some 1300 species of ants.Ants pose a serious issue to your property. Some of these individual species can be problematic in the following ways.

  • Ants infestation can damage electrical wires by chewing on them:

Singapore ants are attracted by plastic and can chew on electrical wires ultimately resulting in short circuits, power failures and electrical fires.

  • Blackhouse Ants can contaminate your food supply:

Blackhouse ants can contaminate food by excreting in it. They have a fast reproduction rate and spread rapidly making nests in ceilings, walls and cavities. They prefer sweet food but can eat other foods as well.

  • Ants can transmit diseases:

Pharaoh ants are really dangerous. They carry disease causing organisms like salmonella. Home treatment on these ants can cause them to split and divide into smaller colonies which makes Ants infestations worse.

  • Ants can damage wooden structures:

Carpenter ants sometimes tunnel through wooden structures present in homes. They also travel long distances to find food which can increase their chances of damaging multiple areas like furniture, walls and frames et cetera.

How To Get Rid Of Ants 

Is there any way to permanently get rid of ants?

While getting rid of ants permanently may be a good notion to entertain, it’s a futile one. Ants are insects and like most other pests they will manifest in large numbers in favourable seasons. They are more abundant in summer and spring.

Ants are pests that will crawl over any surface and can even climb heights easily. Your worktables, kitchen counters and even food stations could be at the risk of easy access to these irritating pests.

Usually, home DIY solutions are temporary ones and will only serve to deter the ants’ problem for a short amount of time. Even if you manage to seal all the points of entry, these pests have a way of finding alternate routes to a food source.

When ants find food sources, they leave behind a traceable chemical (pheromone) which marks the route to guide the rest of the colony.

If you have an ant infestation or ants problem then it’s always advisable to contact a professional pest control service.

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Who to call for ant removal?

Is it really necessary to call a professional pest control service?

Self treatment of any kind of pests always leaves room for error.

The amount of ant control chemicals to be applied have to be carefully calculated and sprayed in an efficient manner.

Nothing ruins a perfect family gathering in your lawn or backyard like ants infestation or any other pest infestation. Ants can enter your home for food and take shelter. These pests become a nuisance and are also potential vectors (carriers) of diseases. Ants can contaminate food and water sources and even the surfaces that come in contact with them with salmonella, shigella and E.coli et cetera.

If your pantry is under attack by ants infestation or your food stocks are constantly being raided by ants or any other pests, then immediately contact Bye Bye Pests for professional ant extermination and pest control services.

Self spraying the ants with pest repellent at home isn’t the best option as only a few handfuls of ants are killed. Effective ant removal method requires complete extermination of the ant colony. Bye Bye Pests Melbourne provides treatments and procedures that will eradicate the entire ant colony and you can subscribe to our quarterly inspection and extermination programme in which our experienced staff will make sure that your homes and workplaces are as ant-free as possible.

What are the most dangerous ants?

What ants cause harm to pets?

Pets like humans aren’t immune to the aggressive reactions of other species. Some ants can incur severe allergic reactions especially in those who are susceptible to allergies.

Ants can pose a serious risk to you, your family and pets in the following ways.

  • Ants can be venomous :

Jack Jumper ants are amongst some of the most aggressive ant species. These ants have a tendency to sting and their venom can cause allergic reactions.

  • Ants cause severe allergic reactions:

Ant species like bulldog ants and greenhead ants can cause severe anaphylactic shock. A sting from bulldog ants has been known to kill humans within 15 minutes.

Both these ants are native to Australia.

  • Ant stings can be a nuisance:

Fire ant’s sting is quite irritable and often causes localized pain and swelling. The sting site resembles a pimple. Fire ants can also cause allergic reactions, swellings and spasms.

If a pet or child breaks the sting site then it can cause secondary infections as well.

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