Privacy Policy

Collecting Personal Information

The personal information we collect includes name, address, your contact details and any other relevant information that is required to perform pest control and inspections.

This personal information is collected in the form of verbal communication, phone conversations and in the form of cookies on our website.

Your personal information will be disclosed only to our employees so that they can perform their job effectively.

Protecting Personal Information

By providing personal information to us you consent to us obtaining, using and disclosing your personal information according to this privacy policy.

We take all possible measures to guard your personal information and prevent unauthorized access to it.

Restriction on disclosure

If you have entrusted us with your private information earlier and wish to withdraw your consent, then you can get in touch with us and we will withdraw any personal information that we have in our databases.


The use of cookies assures that you have the best experience on our sites. From time to time we may store some cookies on your browser. These cookies are meant to optimise your user experience. The personal information you will give us will be linked to these cookies.

Your hold over the data

You can ask us to provide you with any personal data that we have on our systems. Additionally, you can also request for the data to be erased. But, this does not hold over any data that we are obliged to retain for security, administrative and authoritative purposes.

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