Terms and Conditions

Bye Bye Pests details: (ABN etc) will provide commercial pest control services (Inspection and Treatment program) for the pests that are described on the website at the areas that have pest infestations in exchange for a fee plus GST. Furniture and equipment are excluded from this service unless the client consents to it. Additional services will warrant a new inspection and fee.


The client will provide Bye Bye Pests with access to the area of infestations at the agreed time so that the service can be performed efficiently at the agreed times.


The pest inspections that are performed as part of the plan will be based solely on the visual access on the inspection day. Fixtures, walls, and even furniture may be hiding pests that are only discovered once these items are removed. The treatment will only cover those pests that are mentioned in the service details.

Safety instructions

The client must follow all the safety regulations that are provided by our employees. If the client fails to follow these instructions and experiences any adverse effects then Bye Bye Pests will not be to blame.

Property damage

If the pest control service warrants any digging, penetrating or drilling then the client is responsible to guide the employee about the whereabouts of water, gas, drainage pipes and any electrical cables and wires. Damage incurred on these items upon wrong information will be the client’s responsibility and not ours.

Governing law

This agreement is being governed by the state/territory laws in which the service is being delivered to the client. Both parties submit to the jurisdiction of courts of that state or territory.

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