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Professional Flea control services in Melbourne, Australia in 2021

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are a large group of insects that include nearly 2500 species. These small insects are parasitic pests that live on the surface of the body and feed on the host’s ( the victim ) blood.

Fleas are a major source of trouble as they are a very persistent and recurring common house pest. They mostly infect animals and less frequently even humans. Fleas lack wings and have a brown colour.

Fleas cause constant irritation to pests and they keep scratching themselves. Bye Bye Pests cares about the health of your pets and the general hygiene of your home. We are experienced pest exterminators that will remove all your pest problems including fleas.

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What are common fleas in Australia?

Fleas are common house pests that infest almost every household at least once during a lifetime. There are 3 flea species prevalent in Australia.

These include;

  • Cat fleas:

Ctenocephalides felis or cat fleas are usually associated with cats. It is partially true as they mostly reproduce on cats since fleas are species-specific in the matters of propagation.

Fleas usually attack cats around the legs and the neck region.

Cat flea treatment depends upon the severity of infestations. It can range from a thorough cleaning to using insecticides.

To ensure that reinfestation doesn’t occur, professional flea removal should be arranged along with treating the infected pet.

Cat flea treatment will mean nothing if flea eggs again come in contact with the surroundings and start growing.

  • Dog fleas:

Ctenocephalides canis is the scientific name of dog fleas. Although cat fleas are more common even in dogs.

Dogs usually have flea infestations in the abdomen, lower back, neck and around the ears. Although a bad case of infestation means that fleas could be anywhere on an animal’s body.

Flea treatment for dogs can range from a visit to the vet to over-the-counter topical solutions.

Contact Bye Bye Pests for nontoxic flea treatment for dogs. We use eco-friendly chemicals which are safe to use around pets.

  • Human fleas:

Pulex irritans are fleas that affect humans. These fleas are attracted to the warmth of human blood and bite on the body. Usually, fleas bite on the legs and around ankles but they can exist anywhere.

Fleas can cause raised swollen patches of skin which might stay that way from a few hours to a long time.

To get rid of this scenario, avail flea treatment for the house.

Non-toxic flea treatment provided by Bye Bye Pests ensures that your family and pets can be safe from fleas without having to bear any consequences or side effects.

When is flea season in Australia?

Fleas are pests that can infect animals and humans any time of the year. But especially during summers, fleas are very active because they are attracted to heat and grow faster in it. In Australia, flea activity is at its maximum during non-toxic December, January and February.

What are the signs of a flea infestation?

Do you own pets? If you do then you must have wondered what are the signs of a flea infestation? It is advised that you contact a flea exterminator if you suspect any of the following signs of a flea infestation.

  • Incessant scratching

Flea bites are very itchy and irritating. Pets scratch their fur and bite the body in an attempt to dislodge the fleas and ticks.

Repetitive scratching and a continuous state of irritations is a sign of flea infestation.

Only eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals should be applied to remove the fleas. A professional flea removal service can be of immense help in this regard.

  • Seeing fleas

One of the most obvious and guaranteed methods to detect fleas is to visibly see them. If your pet has a bad case of itching then probe in their fur and try to root out the fleas living on their bodies.

Fleas are small insects and not often easy to spot. But with some practice and knowledge, it becomes easier to find them.

Fleas are usually an eighth of an inch and have a brown shade. When they feed, their complexion gets red as they are bloated with blood.

  • Flea dirt

Flea dirt resembles a scattering of pepper. It is a disgusting mixture of flea excretion and blood droplets.

Fleas deposit flea dirt all over the surface where they feed. Sometimes animals can deposit the flea dirt in other places like on furniture or in their bedding. Flea dirt can also be spotted on the carpets and floors.

How to get rid of flea dirt?

If you spot flea dirt in your home then immediately contact professional flea removal services to remove flea dirt and to exterminate the fleas harassing your pets.Bye Bye Pests offers non-toxic flea treatments for dogs and cats.

  • Irritated skin

Another way to detect flea infestation is to comb through your pet’s fur and examine its skin. The area in which a pet keeps scratching is usually riddled with small feeding sites where the fleas bite them. Flea bites are prominent as raised patches on the skin.

Flea bites induce swelling at the site of the bite. The skin where they bite gets raised and swollen. This area is also very itchy and causes extreme discomfort to pets.

  • Paleness

Fleas feed on the blood of their victim. At times when a flea infestation is left untreated, it can result in the host being anemic.

Anemia is a lack of blood due to multiple fleas feeding on the pet.

A loss of blood can make the animal weak and less energetic. It might even weaken the immune system and make them prone to other complications.

  • Flea eggs

Flea eggs are ovoid and are white. Fleas lay eggs in the animal’s fur. These eggs can fall off when the animal moves around. Unknowingly, the pets can transfer the eggs to many locations which include the carpets, sheets, on furniture, in the lawn and many other possible locations.

Why are flea eggs dangerous?

Flea eggs are dangerous as they don’t immediately hatch, rather they stay dormant for some weeks before getting active. It is very important to remove all the flea eggs from the vicinity as only a single egg can cause the fleas to return.

Is flea control expensive?

Flea treatment is a very difficult process as flea exterminators have to be very careful and observant.

Fleas can survive without feeding and their eggs can lay dormant for quite some time. They get active once there is a food source nearby.

This makes flea control service a very important procedure.

The cost of flea control depends on the intensity of infestations and the area covered in inspection and treatment.

You may have to remove all or part of your furniture and carpets for flea treatment to be completely effective.

Bye Bye pests offer a very reasonable and competitive price range for flea control services. 

Our professional workers are efficient and fast and will finish their job as soon as possible so that you can have peace of mind.

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