Mouse Infestation and Mouse Plague In Australia 2021

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Nowadays, there is a question we mostly hear, Why is there a mouse plague in Australia?

This article will help you to understand the reasons for it, this year Australia had a good agricultural output which was a major factor for the mouse infestation and plague in 2021.

Australia has been afflicted by droughts since 2017 which caused a prominent decline in the agricultural sector and by extension in the mouse population. However, due to the recent spell of excessive agricultural yield, the mice have found a replenished food source.

Access to large food quantities coupled with favorable reproductive conditions and complemented by warm weather has resulted in the manifestation of a farmers’ worst nightmare.

A rodent outbreak.

Recent mouse outbreak in Melbourne

Melbourne is under attack by rats and mouse infestations however, it’s not something entirely out of the blue.

Australia is no stranger to mice plagues and infestations. Aussies have been battling mice since the dawn of the 20th century. Mice were introduced in Australia in the 1870s. Since then Australia has battled 12 bubonic plagues caused by mice infestation. As recently as 2011, Australia saw a periodic rise of mice population blooms.

According to local farmers, this is the worst mouse population explosion in living memory. There seems to be no visible end to this mice infestation.

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What are the most affected areas in Melbourne by mice plague 2021?

Recent CSIRO searches claim moderate to high activity of rat infestations and mouse plague in many regions of southern Queensland, southern NSW, north-western Victoria, and parts of South Australia.

History and current situation

The rat infestation has traveled thousands of kilometers and crossed borders from Adelaide to Brisbane and from there it reached Melbourne, now this rat infestation and mouse plague are rapidly progressing towards Sydney. Farmers, homeowners, hotels, and restaurants, we are receiving rat infestation and mouse plague news from every sector, people are requesting professional rat exterminator services. People are more concerned about the quality of the chemicals used by pests control service providers in Melbourne, as the chemicals should be pet-friendly, children-friendly rat deterrents.

In Melbourne and throughout Australia, mouse plague and rat infestations are affecting homes and public places like hospitals, schools, prisons, restaurants, and cafes. Here is a weird possibility that the last restaurant you dined in likely had a mice infestation without anyone even suspecting it.

What is the current situation of rat and mice infestation in Melbourne?

The mice population throughout Melbourne is growing rapidly in an exponential manner, which is helping rat infestation and mouse plague growth.

Mice are successfully waging wars on humans and are constantly infiltrating human establishments. There are reports of mice raiding supermarkets, granaries, diners, and confectioneries et cetera.

Due to this mouse invasion and mouse plague, even hospitals are at the mercy of this mice infestation as patients are being bitten by mice and rats.

The Government of Australia has officially declared war upon mouse invasion to get rid of rat infestation and has set aside an emergency fund of $50 million.

What are the common diseases spread by rodents?

Rodents are known to carry around 52 diseases that range in severity from mild to chronic. Some common diseases spread by mice are:

  • Rodents spread Leptospirosis:

Leptospirosis can be spread by mice and is characterized by fevers, chills, headaches, and diarrhea. It has the potential to develop into kidney failure.

  • Mice spread typhus fever:

Typhus fever spread by mice causes a rash to develop on the body. Patients can also experience bleeding, delirium, shock, and hypotension.

  • Mice spread fleas:

Fleas are common blood-sucking parasites that affect pets.

Fleas can also bite humans.

Moving Forward: Tackling the mice infestation and mouse plague 2021

The Government of Australia is forced to take drastic actions to match mice infestation and mouse plague with sheer brutal force. In this regard, 5000 liters of a banned pesticide, the Bromodiolone, have been ordered for rat elimination.

This rat insecticide is a very toxic substance that will knock this mice infestation back to the stone ages but it’s equally poisonous to household pests and other species of animals. This way of rat and mice extermination is raising many health concerned questions that this rat insecticide could act like a big chemical nuke.

How to get rid of mice infestations?

Getting rid of mice infestations on your own can be tricky and extremely difficult. You might catch a mouse or two on your own but you can not detect and exterminate all the mice infesting your walls, ceilings, rats in roofs, or other similar areas around you.

Rat and rodent control needs proficiency and expert practices to make your home, hotel, restaurant, and any other commercial or residential area rats free for a long time.

The most effective and reliable method to keep your property safe from any pest infestation, especially rat and mice infestation, is to get in touch with a professional pest control service who are experts in mice extermination procedures.

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