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What is rodent control?

Rodent control is a service provided by pest exterminators to remove rodents infesting your property. Rodent control is a necessary service to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Rodents are a huge concern for households and commercial buildings in Melton. Especially for the commercial kitchens, rodents like mice and rats are a downright disaster.

With colder climates, rodent infestations only worsen contrary to the common belief.

There are many ways to get rid of rat infestations. Pest control companies use rat poison, rat baits and traps.

Bye Bye Pests takes a sustainable approach to pest control and provides eco-friendly rodent control services in Melton to promote a balanced eco-system. Contact us for efficient pest removal.

Is Rodent Control Necessary in Melton?

Rodent control is not only a bare necessity but also an essential commodity for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Rodents like rats and mice are a terrible disaster because they can wreak havoc on our homes and workplaces.

Melton provides ideal conditions for rats to bloom and that’s why there are often sightings of rats even in broad daylights.

Without proper rodent control practices, rat plagues can spread.

Australia is often at the mercy of rats as they devastate the whole country and run over farmlands. Billions of dollars worth of damages are sustained every year only because rodent control is not administered properly.

Plagues lead to the use of poisonous chemicals which disrupt the whole ecosystem further.

Hire professional pest control services to avoid these unpleasant consequences.

Bye Bye Pests provides comprehensive rodent control services in Melton and its surrounding suburbs. Get a free quote from our expert technicians.

Are Rodents dangerous for Melton?

Rodents like mice and rats can be extremely dangerous to have in homes. Although they come off as relatively harmless, rodents can seriously harm our surroundings.

Complete pest control solutions.

  • Rodents damage the building:

Mice and rats can chew through a building’s walls, ceiling, insulation and carpets etc. They often infest attics and basements and dingy places. Rats regularly raid kitchens in search of food. This increases the chances of rodent infestations.

  • Rodents chew through wires:

Rodents often get into pipings and wires and chew their way through them. This poses a significant danger to both homes and offices. Commercial institutions also can’t afford to deal with a rodent infestation.

Chewing the wires results in short-circuiting and can cause a disastrous fire which ultimately might even burn down the whole building.

If rodents get into the car then they can cause serious damage to the various coolant lines and the pipes carrying petrol etc.

  • Rodents spread diseases:

Mice and rats are famous for carrying around a vast reserve of diseases. The most commonly associated disease with rats is the bubonic plague or the black death.

Rat bits, droppings and blood are capable of transmitting diseases like salmonella.

To purify your homes from rats contact your local pest controllers for eco-friendly and affordable rodent exterminations.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Melton?

Rodent control services in Melton are usually busy all year round as being a major suburb of Melbourne, Melton sees a lot of human transit which attracts swarms of rodents.

Rodents also have a high reproduction rate and can infest many places during a population boom. Getting rid of rodents is imperative but keep in mind that DIY solutions should be avoided. They are not an efficient alternative to rodent control services.

It is wise to steer clear of home rodent control solutions as they can worsen the infestations by scaring the rodents away and causing them to infest other locations in your home.

Professional rodent control services are a sure way to exterminate rodent populations.

Is Rodent Control Expensive?

Rodent control is not as expensive as the monetary damage pests can cause. It is advised to avail rodent control services to deal with mice and rats before infestations get out of hand.

If left untreated, rodent infestations can cost you thousands of dollars.

Rodent control services in Melton are offered at very competitive rates because of the high demand.

Bye Bye Pests provides comprehensive pest control solutions at affordable prices in Melton. We are a popular choice for people with tight budgets as we offer very competitive rates as compared to the market.

The exact price can’t be determined as it depends on the type of infestation, area covered in the inspection and the area affected by pests.

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