Spider / Spider Mites Control Services Melbourne

What is spider/spider mites control?

Spider control services in Melbourne are offered by professional pest control companies to prevent spider infestations.

Pest controllers also remove all the spiders and spider mites lurking in and around your property.

Spiders are amongst some of the most dangerous creatures to roam the Earth. With their daunting body features and agility, these creatures are often a vessel for inducing fear.

What is arachnophobia?

In some cases, spiders can instil an extreme fear reaching a level of phobia. It’s termed arachnophobia.

Their intrinsic ability to weave webs and entrap prey only serves to add to their aura of creepiness.

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How to control spider mites?

What are spider-mites? and What are the signs of spider-mite infestations?

These pests belong to the same family as spiders and scorpions but are often confused as spiders. Keep in mind that SPIDER MITES ARE NOT SPIDERS. Reddish-brown or pale in complexion, these insects prefer to live on the underside of leaves.

Also, a calculated and precise amount of pesticide has to be applied so that all of their natural predators are not exterminated which could result in a disastrous population bloom.

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What spiders in Australia are dangerous?

What spiders in Australia are harmful?

Amongst many species of spiders present in Australia, only a few are venomous and fewer still pose a serious risk to humans.

Despite Australia’s hype regarding dangerous and harmful species of the animal kingdom, the reality is not that awful.

Although Australia is home to some 10,000 species of spiders, and they account for almost the majority of venomous creatures dispersed in Australia, only a few of them could be frequently found in the urban populations.

Australian spiders are diverse and have different types of size, colours and habitats.

Unlikely as it may seem, spiders are less dangerous than bees.

Due to favourable urban environments, the problem of spider infestation at home, outdoor and commercial places like hotels and restaurants are becoming a serious issue and it is advisable to contact a professional spider removal service for your safety.

What are some common and dangerous spiders in Australia?

Australian spiders, like most animals, will only attack when they feel threatened. It’s often more of a defence mechanism than a voluntary assault.

Some spiders are venomous and are harmful. They even cause death in rare cases but immediate first aid can prevent any complications caused by the spider bite.

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Common types of spiders found in Australia

  • Blackhouse spider
  • Common house spider
  • Funnel-web spider
  • Mouse spider
  • White-tailed spider
  • Redback spider
  • Tarantulas
  • Wolf spider
  • Trapdoor spider
  • Redback spider
  • Garden orb-weaving spider
  • Harvestman spider

Are all Australian spiders are venomous?

Not all the spiders found in Australia are venomous. Some are merely aggressive and may bite or sting but there are some spiders that you need to know about that can pose a serious health risk and may cause a serious spider infestation in your home.

  • Sydney funnel-web spider affects nervous system:

Funnel-web spiders can be counted amongst some of the most dangerous and venomous spiders.

They infest urban areas and are abundant in wildlife as well.

Funnel-web spiders have large fangs and pack enough power to pierce nails.

Funnel-web spiders venom can have a direct effect on the nervous system and alters the functioning of organs. Very rarely they may even be able to kill.

  • Redback spiders cause pain:

Redback spiders are Australian natives and have a versatile habitat.

They live in sheltered areas like sheds and mailboxes. They are identifiable by the red stripe across their backs.

Their venom can cause negative impacts on the human nervous system but due to the small size of fangs, they are often not able to inject venom properly. Still, if you find yourself bitten by a redback, be sure to expect severe pain which can last from hours to days.

Spider control Melbourne: It is safer to contact a professional pest control company for spider control services in Melbourne as spiders can sting or bite resulting in harmful consequences.

  • Cupboard spiders:

They are similar to redback spiders but their venom is not as strong as redback spiders.

The antivenom for redback spiders can also be used to treat a cupboard spider sting.

  • Mouse spider’s venom affects nervous system:

Mouse spider is a collective term for an assortment of spiders and they usually inhabit moist areas like burrows and waterways. Occasionally they can be found in urban areas as well.

The chemical composition of their venom resembles funnel-web spiders and the same antivenom can be used to negate both of them.

  • Whitetail spider:

Whitetail spiders are nocturnal and considered hunters.

They inhabit both natural and urban areas and are often found in cool, moist environments.

  • Blackhouse spider causes vomiting, seating and nausea:

Blackhouse spiders don’t take much irk from humans and often leave them alone but rare times when a bad interaction happens, they can induce nausea and vomiting. The sting site can be painful and often swells.

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  • Trapdoor spiders are venomous as well:

Trapdoor spiders don’t bite often but for the rare instances when it has to bite, it can transmit small amounts of venom. It usually prefers natural habitat and camouflages the entry to its nest to trap prey. The venom only hurts, much like a wasp and does not cause much bodily harm.

  • Australian tarantulas:

Being native to a diverse range of spiders, it comes as no surprise that Australia has to offer a large variety of tarantulas. These big, hairy and scarier versions of spiders are actually pretty harmless as compared to other spiders on the list. Due to their sheer size and ratio, their bite can pack some painful amount of force but they aren’t venomous. Severe reactions to a tarantula bite can include fever and vomiting although that’s rare.

Who to call for spider removal?

Is it necessary to call a professional pest control service for spider infestations or any other spider problem?

Self-treatment for any kind of pests always leaves room for error.

The number of pesticides to be applied have to be carefully measured and sprayed efficiently.

Australian spiders can be mean neighbours and while you may try to self administer repellants and pests killers, it’s always advisable to hire a professional pest care company like Bye Bye Pests as our staff is expert at exterminating spiders. There’s also a chance of crossing paths with a really dangerous type of spider and encountering severe bodily harm. Better leave it to people who know the job.

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