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Termite control Melton – What are termites?

This article is all about “Termite Control Services In Melton, Melbourne“. Termites are harmful insects that evolved from roaches. Termites are often confused with ants and wrongly called white-ants but they aren’t related to ants.

Termites mostly feed on detritus (dead plant matter) and cellulose which is a core chemical compound of trees. Termites are found in moist environments that humans can inhabit. They live in colonies and can range in numbers from a few hundred to millions.

Currently, some three thousand species of termites have been identified and among them, there are several hundred that are considered pests and cause significant damage to buildings and plantations.

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Termite control Melton – Are termites a serious issue?

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Claims that nearly 32% of Australian homes have some level of termite infestations.

In Australia, there are some 360 termite species and out of them around 40 species are harmful to humans and cause infestations to man-made structures. Areas of Australia having warm climates like Melton, yearly lose nearly $100 million dollars of damage due to termite infestations.

Within 12 months of attacking a building, termites can cause irreparable damage to it.

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Termite Control Melton – How do termites start infestation?

Termites are very evasive and often enter homes from areas that do not facilitate an inspection like a courtyard, patio and terrace etc.

As these pests are very small in size, they can access pathways that don’t lie in visible range like cracks in concrete and can also gain entry through the concrete expansion joint compound.

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Termite Control Melton – What are common types of termites in homes?

There are three termite species that are the most common pests behind home invasions.

All these species thrive in relatively different environmental conditions. A tip to recognize the type of species invading your property would be to inspect their immediate vicinity.

They include subterranean, dampwood and drywood.

  • Subterranean termites in Melton:

Subterranean termites are by far the most invasive and problematic type of termites. They thrive in soil and will infest any wooden structure that comes in contact with it. They make muddy tunnels on the surface and use it to commute safely.

Each year they cause billions of dollars worth of damage to structures.

Aside from wooden structures, these pests can eat through books and book covers as well.

  • Dampwood termites in Melton:

Dampwood termites are larger and less common than subterranean termites.

These termites eat their way out through wooden structures and can hollow them out which can lead to expensive repairs. Dampwood termites are hard to recognize as they have a secretive and evasive nature. These pests are more likely to infest dead or water damaged trees and logs that come in contact with the ground.

Another reason why they are harder to spot is that they don’t construct mud tubes.

To successfully grow into larger colonies, they require damp and moist conditions.

  • Drywood termites in Melton:

Drywood termites don’t require a readily available water source to infest. They can survive just on the humidity in the air.

Their nests are located inside the wood they are eating and they often enter homes through exposed or infested items.

Drywood termites can be in a contained area or can be widespread throughout the building and the damage caused by them is often extensive.

Termite Control Melton – How to recognize termite infestations?

These are some tell-tale signs of a termite infestation.

  • Crumbling and porous wood
  • Mud tubes on the ground or sticking to walls
  • Small holes in walls
  • Squeaking floorboards
  • Loosened tiles
  • Hollow wood

Termite Control Melton – How to remove termites?

Once termites have infested your residence, it is nearly impossible to be completely rid of them on your own.

However, homeowners can try to prevent any possible infestation by maintaining a low moisture level around the house and removing any wooden structure or furniture from soil contact.

But the most reliable and effective way to get rid of a termite infestation would be to immediately contact a professional pest extermination service.

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  • Termites nest:

Termites live in large colonies that resemble mounds of dirt. It can extend to several metres in diameter and may even be up to 10 feet deep but that takes years to accomplish. It takes a professional pest control service like Bye Bye Pests to achieve the total eradication of these pests.

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