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Professional pest control services in Melbourne, Australia in 2021

Wasp Control Melbourne – What is wasp control?

Wasp control services are offered by professional pest exterminators or wasp nest removal services to remove all kinds of wasps and bees from your lawns and backyards et cetera.

Wasps are common house pests that are related to ants and bees but are very different from them. Although wasps are an integral part of the ecosystem as pollinators, more often than not they are a nuisance and considered as a pest.

Bye Bye Pests is a professional pest control company that offers complete pest solutions to all pest problems including bees and wasp treatment.

Our pest control services are available for both commercial and residential areas in and around Melbourne and its suburbs like Melton.

Wasp Control Melbourne – Common types of wasps in Australia?

Are wasps dangerous?

People who are allergic to wasp venom can go into anaphylaxis ( severe allergic reaction ) and suffer from extreme swellings, breathing difficulties, dizziness and loss of consciousness.

Australia always lives up to its name. Just the sheer amount of insectoid species present is enough to give anyone goosebumps.

With home to nearly 10,000 species of wasps, Australia’s wildlife is a horror show for the weak-willed. Tourists aren’t the only ones who suffer from this voracious pest but rather natives are also at constant war with yellowjackets all through warm climates.

Some common wasps in Australia and the dangers they pose are as follows.

Wasp Control Melbourne – Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets Wasp sting causes immense pain…

Yellowjacket wasps have yellow stripes and are often confused with bees. Yellowjackets are aggressive and can be unpredictable and sting with unmatched ferocity.

Yellowjackets don’t often make hanging nests because they prefer to make their nests in the ground.

Wasp nests are recognizable by the dugout mounds of dirt surrounding them or simply by seeing the wasps going in and out of the nest.

It is not advisable to try wasp nest removal by yourself as they can become very aggressive and are able to cause severe pain.

Wasp Control Melbourne – European Wasps

European wasps are a menace…

European wasps are bright yellow in appearance and are very aggressive stingers.

European wasps start colonising in spring and then grow all through summer. During winter, queens hibernate and when spring returns they start making new colonies. Normally they abandon their nests and move onto new places but due to optimum weather conditions in Australia, European wasps keep growing in the same nests. If left untreated then their nest can encompass a hundred thousand wasps.

Normally there are a few thousand wasps in a decent sized nest.

They can sting multiple times which makes them far worse than even some venomous creatures.

European wasps also have a negative impact on the local ecosystem as they wipe out lower hierarchies of insects.

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Wasp Control Melbourne – European Paper Wasps

European paper wasps are invaders…

European paper wasps are the most daring wasps seldom intimidated by humans. European paper wasps venture closer to human establishments and are often a royal pain.

European paper wasps often make nests under roofs and around fences, hedges and shades. These wasps can also infest in garages and backyard sheds. These wasps are no good and sting anyone without distinction if someone ventures too close.

They are especially dangerous to have around curious kids and enthusiastic pets.

A professional pest control company like Bye bye pests does a thorough job removing a wasp nest and exterminates all the wasps so that your pets and family can move around freely.

Wasp Control Melbourne – Asian Paper Wasps

Asian paper wasps are invaders as well…

Much like its similar namesake, the European paper wasp, Asian paper wasp is an invasive species as well.

These wasps are smaller in structure as compared to the other bigger wasps on this list but that only contributes to their agility.

Asian paper wasps also stick closer to urban establishments and can be found lurking around your property.

Ice packs should be applied to the site of the sting if worse comes to worst and you are stung by wasps. If you are allergic to wasp venom then immediately go to a hospital to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Wasp Control Melbourne – Wasps Attack In Swarms…

Common wasps have a bright yellow appearance interwoven with bands of black in the abdominal region.

Just like yellowjackets, common wasps start their life cycle during spring and lay eggs. They grow throughout summer and autumn. When winter arrives, the males die and the queen goes into hibernation. At the onset of spring, the queen again lays eggs and starts propagating new wasps to start more colonies.

When threatened, the common wasps leave a pheromone trail and signal other wasps in the vicinity to attack as well.

Areas with high wasp infestations require a professional pest control company to eliminate wasps as they can be very aggressive and get underneath clothes and sting at multiple places at once.

Wasps Control Melbourne – How to get rid of wasps?

  • Wasp Nest Removal

Permanent riddance from wasps is a good notion, though not a realistic one. Wasps will emerge with every breeding season so your best hope is to have regular pest inspection and control services.

  • Have you ever thought of wasp nest removal?

If you have thought this through then you will be aware that wasp nest removal is a difficult process. Wasps can be highly territorial and feel threatened if you get too close to them. They release a signal to all other wasps in the colony and then all the wasps go on a random stinging rampage.

The safest and most reliable way to get rid of a wasp infestation is to hire a pest control company.

Bye bye pests is a professional pest control service provider company that deals in all kinds of pests found in Melbourne and its suburbs.

We will inspect your home or workplace for sites of wasp infestations and will efficiently remove them.

Contact us immediately if you see wasps hanging around your property often as they can cause a lot of pain.

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